The film was influenced by this Passionate scenicist and blogger of W. Bruce Cameron, and speaks of watch A Dog's Way Home online the attractive brand of the cat who continues on an legendary road of virtually 700 kilometers to discover its operator. We point out to you, Cameron is additionally recognized together with the video "A Dog's Function".

"A Dog's Way Home " will be criticized by Charles Martin Smith, to Zajedno's Cameron inside the radio station picture and Cathryn Michon. The Glas Belli Belli positions it to Bryce Dallas Howard, to exhibit host film Jonah Hauer-Master, Ashley Judd, Alexandra Shipp, Chris Bauer, Patrick Gallagher, Edward David Olmos, Wes Studi and Barry Watson.

"A visit to a foursome" follows the stunning story of Bella, a cazaina, who locates themselves heading across United states to return home to her much loved prophet.

Bella along with a fresh woman who, deserted shortly after childbirth, has been found and welcomed by Lucas - each student of treatment watch A Dog's Way Home along with his loved ones. Along with her mothers and fathers, Bella passes to the happiest several years: she features a property that is stuffed with humankind that love her and precisely what can need. But one working day, his lot of money-teller is utterly scrambled; Actually, caused by a simple distraction, she discovers themselves dropped and faint along with her epidermis. The fondness for his caresses and much more powerful than any anxiety; Bella, actually, will get into a vacation greater than 600 kilometers for appreciated her beloved ones.

Charles Martin Smith, after the achievements of the Bona Film Group to the ragazzi "The extraordinary narrative of Winter months and also the dolphin", consecrated his love for the pets in the dark, delivering the adventurous eyesight of any fascinated cagnolina. In his support and project from Bruce W. Cameron, I feel that We have manufactured a lot of inner thoughts to individuals all around the community with "Qua los angeles zampaA Dog's Way Home ". To offer speech towards the crafty cagnolina from the original edition is going to be Bryce Dallas Howard, while in the "man" cast evaluate the main ruins, the beautiful and talented Ashley Judd.

The Sony Photographs has distribute on the web and the official Italian trailer of Un Viaggio a Quattro Zampe, the brand new Columbia Pictures Corporation by Charles Martin Smith (The extraordinary narrative of Winter season along with the dolphin) with famous actors Ashley Judd, Edward James Olmos, Alexandra Shipp, Bryce-Dallas Howard , Wes Studi, Chris Bauer, Barry Watson and Jonah Hauer-Master.

A Viaggio a Quattro Zampe, a treatise around the new A Dog's Way Home by W. Bruce Cameron (writer of "Qua los angeles zampaA Dog's Way Home "), Embarked on Bella's venture, a dog embarking on an legendary extended-haul 400m ricongiungersi with il suo amato padrone. The film will get to our Mar 2019.

A visit to Quattro Zampe, aimed by Charles Martin Smith on the screenwriter written by Cameron, meets Cathryn Michon, and is dependant on the best-selling finest-offering new by W. Bruce Cameron. Yu Dong, Jeffrey Chan, Robert J. Dohrmann, T.D. Jakes and A Dog's Way Home Official Derrick Williams would be the professional producers within the company of Gavin Polone, who is part of the productiveness program.

In the cast we find Bryce Dallas Howard (Jurassic Planet) provides you with the speech of your cagnoline Bella, Ashley Judd nei panni from the mommy of Lucas, Jonah Hauer-Queen on Luke's clothes, insieme to Alexandra Shipp (X-Gentlemen: Dim Phoenix arizona), Wes Studi ed Edward David Olmos (Mayans MC).

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